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If you are a Healthcare Worker and have contracted COVID 19 
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Workers' Compensation Attorney


Workers' Compensation Attorney, Michael Siegel, has extensive experience handling Workers' Compensation claims and other interrelated claims, including Social Security Disability claims and third party injuries.  A Workers' Compensation attorney is essential in keeping your case moving forward.


Workers' Compensation Hearing Representative


Workers' Compensation Hearing Representative, G. Sam Stephano, has 21 years of experience representing injured workers at the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. Under the direct supervision of Mr. Siegel, he works directly with the client, the defense attorney, the claims adjuster, and the Court, to keep the case moving forward. 


Workers' Compensation "Maze of Rules"


Work injuries are inevitable, and a Workers' Compensation attorney is a crucial element in protecting your rights under California law. A Workers' Compensation attorney can be very helpful in getting you through the maze of rules, regulations, and procedures. There is a mountain of paper work, steps, and procedures that can easily be overcome with the help of a Workers' Compensation attorney.


They are very familiar with the medical providers and the various types of injuries. They can also be very helpful in determining the physician's specialty required for your injury and the medical doctors available in Sacramento and other communities.


A proven Workers' Compensation law firm can be the difference between receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to under the law, and what the insurance company is prepared to offer. Attorney fees are paid from the proceeds recovered from a Workers' Compensation claim, so there are no upfront fees or costs to the injured worker.


Social Security Benefits


Social Security Disability Insurance is coverage for permanent disability injuries caused by a variety of reasons, whether from a severe on the job injury, or other non-industrial causes. A Social Security Disability attorney is your guide to getting you through the maze of rules, regulations, and procedures. Just as in workers' compensation claims there is a mountain of paper work, steps, and procedures in a typical Social Security Disability claim.



Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are benefits provided by the U.S. Government for those with a permanent disability condition. A person who is unable to engage in meaningful work activities may be eligible for Social Security Benefits and, possibly, Medicare coverage.


Certain requirements need to be met to apply for and receive Social Security benefits. A Social Security attorney can advise you of these important requirements and assist you throughout your application, appeal and hearing process.

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